We are on the hunt for talent!

We are looking for new talent with a higher professional education (Bachelor Degree) or university education (Masters Degree) (M/F) with an affinity for technology and above-average interest in business administration. Are you critical, ambitious and unafraid of voicing your informed opinion? Then Critical Minds might be the place for you!

Are you a Critical Mind?

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Determine your own clients

We aim to help organizations and projects perform optimally. As a critical mind you get your own assignments and it is up to you to shape and steer the project. You do this by answering the questions and wishes of the client with the vast knowledge of the Critical Minds team.

Determine your own learning curve

During your first years, you will work with different organizations and on different projects, giving you an insight into various fields and client types. Knowledge sharing and personal development are important factors that will aid you in responding appropriately to the varying demands of different clients. In order to assist you, we have gathered a group of experienced trainers who coach and train us on a professional and personal level. You can look forward to a steep learning curve where you will rapidly develop on different levels.

Think along and make your dreams come true

At Critical Minds you are more than just an employee: you are an integral part of a team. We recognise the opportunities the world offers and are confident, enthusiastic and willing to take on every challenge it provides. We regularly discuss and re-evaluate the strategy of Critical Minds as a company and your opinion matters.

More information?

Are you enthusiastic and want more information? Please contact Laura Brink per e-mail or call: +31 6 1037 6276

Working at Critical Minds

10% Travel
5% Lunch
24% Consultation and meetings
5% Presenting
34% Computer work
10% Learning activity
10% Entrepreneurship
2% Social drinks

Personal development

Development Year 1 Year 3
Projects worked on
Collaborating businesses
Phone calls to colleagues for advice 143 76
Insights in personal coaching
Articles published about projectmanagement 0 2
Posts on social media
Victory feeling after presentation 15 Every week
Gatherings and teambuilding 40/44 39/45
Driven/Flown kilometers 30.107 122.375