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The online magazine by Critical Minds helps to be more efficient with time, tools and working together. There is always too little time, and buying time isn’t possible. Time is probably the most valuable asset, so how to be efficient with it? How to use time to do as much work as possible? Tools are extension pieces of our body and mind. By using them in a clever way more work can be done with less effort. But which tools are the best to use? And in which why? Working together causes more results. But with who are you working together? Who is doing what? How do you communicate with each other?  Who is represented in which step of which process in which way?

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Working Minds

Who are the Critical Minds? You will get to know them in the rubric ‘’Working Minds’’ where they are going to tell you more about their practice in an adventurous, stubborn, honest en vulnerable way.

Adventure Minds

What exactly are we doing? And how does this help our clients? In ‘Adventure Minds’ we show as much as possible about what we have done, for who we have done that and with which people and which tools are we getting things done?

Different Minds

With regularity, we portray a person or an organisation that handles things differently. For example, that stubborn entrepreneur who suddenly sees how things can be done differently, or that rebellious organization that successfully fights against the established order.

Exploring Minds

Sometimes you come cross with something and you immediately think ‘’everyone has to be aware of this’’. It could be anything like a website, a documentary, a book, a podcast or something else. Don’t hide it; sharing inspires others.

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Wie zijn die Critical Minds eigenlijk? Je leert ze kennen in de rubriek ‘Working Minds’, waarin ze op een avontuurlijke, eigenwijze, eerlijke en kwetsbare manier vertellen over hun vak.

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Wat doen we nu eigenlijk precies? En hoe helpt het onze klanten? In ‘Adventure Minds’ laten we zoveel mogelijk zien van wat we hebben gedaan, voor wie we dat hebben gedaan en met welke mensen en tools we dat voor elkaar hebben gekregen.

Latest stories

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Latest stories


Soms kom je iets tegen waarvan je meteen denkt: dit moet de hele wereld weten! Dat kan van alles zijn, een website, een documentaire, een boek, een podcast of iets anders. Hou het niet voor jezelf; delen inspireert velen.

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