Marijn van Doorn

Project Management Consultant

What makes Critical Minds unique to you?

Critical minds is a young and dynamic organization in which you are not only an employee but also an entrepreneur and above all a person. By entering an organization with a fresh perspective and, where necessary, devising creative solutions to streamline projects, you can add a lot of value as a CM employee. The fact that there is a strong focus on personal qualities in order to get the right person in the right place makes Critical Minds unique to me.

What is your dream?

Solving tomorrow’s challenges today with enthusiasm, energy and a healthy dose of analytical skills.


Analytical, coaching, stubborn, creative

Phone number

+316 303 901 04


  • Master Biological Sciences, track Limnology and Oceanography

    University of Amsterdam

  • Bachelor Biology

    University of Amsterdam

  • Occupational therapy

    University of Amsterdam


  • Project Control