Each vertical has its own specific wishes, requirements and issues. Because of our experience in various industries, we know what it takes to prevent waste on all fronts. Critical Minds consults, trains, aids and supports organizations with project management, planning, saving materials, saving time and working efficiently and optimally. Verticals we do business in, include: industrial shipbuilding, yacht building, oil, gas and wind energy, dredging, construction and infrastructure, healthcare and the manufacturing industry.

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  • Offshore, Maritime & Energy

    Due to the global overcapacity in industrial shipbuilding, it is important for shipyards to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Through our years of experience with various customers in industrial shipbuilding, we know what it takes to make your project successful.

  • Yacht building

    There is more and more demand for complex and large yachts. Yacht builders are experiencing more pressure in terms of costs, quality and lead time. We support yacht builders in the field of project and process optimization in order to prevent waste of materials and time.

  • Manufacturing industry

    It is expected that the manufacturing industry will continue to grow in the coming years. Due to a shortage of materials organizations are forced to look for new opportunities. Critical Minds supports organizations to avoid waste in time, materials and other resources.

  • Construction

    The expectation is that due to economic growth, the construction industry continues to grow in the upcoming years. It is a challenge to meet this demand due to a shortage of resources and materials. Critical Minds supports construction companies to help these projects succeed and to prevent waste of material and time.

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