Project Management

Projects on time, people in flow as a result of an integral approach of project management

  Critical Minds provides interim or consultancy support for organizations in order to improve their overall project management. Our support has a focus on lead-time and cost reduction by ensuring good collaboration and clear processes without compromising quality. Critical Minds has a hands-on mindset and sees project management as a profession. A realistic planning and a well-organized team are important pillars within our service. Our specialisms lie in the field of project control, organisational development and business technology which form a stable foundation for our project management. We work according to the following three principles:
  • Focus on projects - We ensure a practical and project-based approach with the project itself as focus. We are continuously looking at maintaining an efficient balance between details and the minimal required information to correctly steer all projects within a chain.
  • Manage deviations & abnormalities - Projects and teams are constantly changing and require a realistic and flexible approach. When changes occur we directly implement the deviations within the plans and look ahead to visualise the effect on milestones and budget in order to effectively adjust the course of action. We believe it is essential that project management improves continuously and shows flexibility in order to effectively manage a constantly changing project and team.
  • Creating support - People play a central role at Critical Minds. In order to create a well oiled team of a group of people asks for the right approach and amount of effort. Our approach brings people together and makes sure all stakeholders are involved in the setup of the (project execution) plans. This results in an actively involved team and stakeholders for the main goal that lies ahead. In addition to aforementioned we ensure clear processes and transparency regarding roles and responsibilities.
  This approach and overall operating philosophy is also applicable for interim roles in the field of construction- and site management