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Improve company results with circular economy

The world is changing exponentially with interminable consequences for businesses, people and the environment. Resources in any form are scarce, raw materials are no exception. Due to the fact that raw materials are quickly starting to run out, we collectively need to search for new and sustainable ways of using (raw) materials. The concept of the circular economy may offer the solution we are looking for. The circular economy is a regenerative system in which waste, emission and resources can be limited throughout the production process by slowing, closing, and narrowing energy and material loops. It teaches us to look differently at the use of raw materials and the process of extracting these materials, with special attention paid to their composition. Critical Minds aims to introduce the circular economy to organizations and help them benefit from this form of production in ways that fit their needs. Critical Minds offers hands-on assistance by translating the circular principles into a practical project plan that contributes to the achievement of its clients’ organizational objectives. By investing in the circular economy, increased financial and economical results will be attained in the future. Within the circular economy, raw materials are treated in a way where they retain as much of their value as possible. The small amount of waste they produce is repurposed: today's waste is the raw material of tomorrow. The circular economy has a lot to offer, but where do you start? At Critical Minds we don’t believe in endless reports and theoretical planning. We believe in taking action and learning by doing. Together with our clients we are taking the necessary steps towards a sustainable and circular economy.

What we can offer you


Through a serious game and different workshops you can discover interactively what the circular economy can offer your company:
  • Serious game: in this role-playing game you experience the impact of social changes and discover what circular entrepreneurship can offer.
  • Green Glasses workshop: this workshop teaches you to look at your company from a circular point of view and to search for opportunities to improve.
  • CIRCO tracks: in this 3-day workshop you learn more about circular theory, look for opportunities and explore new business models.
  • Rollout workshop: this workshop helps you to compare a number of opportunities and start a circular project that suits your ambition.


With a Quickscan we identify opportunities within your organization through a circular approach and map out tangible steps.

Implementation of Circular Business Models

With our Circular Rollout Toolkit we help your organization take the necessary steps in working towards a sustainable and circular economy. Critical Minds will assist you in implementing new and efficient work methods and guide your employees where needed.

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