Critical Minds officially launched in South Africa!

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29 augustus 2019

August 2019 saw the official launch of a new and exciting venture in South Africa that is set to change the way businesses across multiple sectors operate. At a launch event at Robsons Real Beer in Durban, the dynamic team from Critical Minds, a company initially established in the Netherlands, addressed heavyweights within the engineering, maritime, logistics and manufacturing sectors to demonstrate how their methods created overseas can assist local businesses to effectively and efficiently reduce lead times for their clients and operations through custom made solutions.

Forming part of the launch to provide insights as to the type of services businesses can expect when partnering with Critical Minds, included a MBTI and a LEAN workshop, as well as an impressive case study by local engineering company Arlona Engineering. According to Steve Christy, Arlona Engineering’s Managing Director, Critical Minds and the particular assistance of Benjamin De Jonge who is heading up the South African arm for Critical Minds – proved instrumental to not only positively impacting the internal operations of their business in a relatively short space of time; but also provided Arlona Engineering with the tools needed to successfully scale the business to operate and supply clients with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment globally ahead of time and on budget.
“The real difference was that we started to enjoy our work again and were also able to continue in that fashion after Critical Minds left”, explained Christy to the captive audience at the Critical Minds launch event.

Floris Groeneveld, Founder of Critical Minds, travelled from the Netherlands to address the Durban audience saying, “I am extremely proud to be here at what marks the establishment of Critical Minds in South Africa. This is a massive step in announcing the globalisation of Critical Minds. We want to show the world our way of combining business, fun and purpose and I believe in the vision of Benjamin De Jonge, who will lead the South African team”.

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