Business technology

Integral approach in business technology

Changes within organizations of any form can demand a lot of time, resources and energy. But with the right approach they are worth the investment. The success is ensured by implementing the right methods in the organizations’ behavior and the systems (software). IT solutions are not the end goal, but the means to achieving the organizational goals by supporting work procedures and creating insights. Unfortunately, many companies miss opportunities when it comes to what the latest IT solutions can offer in terms of real impact and efficiency. Critical Minds takes a more integral approach to the optimization of your business technology. We do not just digitize organizations’ current way of working or simply update the current software. We look for working methods and insights that have arisen within your organization due to the limitations of the software. We then replace outdated methods with new solutions and introduce new working methods, if deemed necessary. Critical Minds uses an integral approach to focus on improvement. During the implementation of new IT, we involve all parties from the beginning, so everyone witnesses the changes made in the way of working. This ensures that progressive steps are successful. Critical Minds provides various services such as: software matching, software installation, software configuration, software training and guidance practice at the workplace. We are proud to be a recognized supplier of various digital, market leading products, whilst simultaneously being able to supply in-house, tailor-made produced software and host any software locally or in the Cloud. This way we ensure a fully supported digital turnaround for your company.

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