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How we operate

We co-operate in your organization

We actively participate in your project, team, or department to provide direct support to the operations with our knowledge and fresh, analytical, and critical perspective. Additionally, we are here to challenge the organization to continuously improve processes.

  • Direct control over time and budget
  • Operational improvements
  • Optimized processes
  • Flow in team and project

We implement your strategy

We work based on your strategic goals. We design a program to achieve these goals, and we implement it. We provide tailor-made solutions and work together with your organization, staying until the implementation is truly embedded.

  • Less waste in projects and processes
  • Lead time reduction and improved financial result
  • Culture and behavior that contribute to your goals
  • Systems that support your strategy

We develop your people

Who are you as a professional and who are you as a leader? Why do you do what you do and how do you become more effective? We develop professionals and teams both personally and in their skills and abilities within our areas of expertise. We offer our training programs both in-house and through open enrollment at our Critical Minds Academy.

  • High performance teams
  • Self-aware professionals
  • Brave leaders
  • Employee retention

I don't know any other consultant who speaks our language like this.

Esther Gouwerok, Eigenaar Scheepswerf Gouwerok

Companies where we have already optimized projects and processes!

We are
Critical Minds

At Critical Minds, our employees are exactly that: Critical Minds. Professionals with a critical perspective who enjoy using that perspective to scrutinize the processes in your organization. At Critical Minds, we primarily leverage our expertise in the Construction & Infrastructure, Offshore, Maritime & Energy, Yacht Building, and Manufacturing industries.

In these sectors, many people collaborate on shared goals through projects. Unfortunately, projects sometimes take a wrong turn, directly impacting lead time and costs. That’s when Critical Minds can help you get your projects back on track. How? This varies each time because every project and organization is unique.

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Critical Minds
Critical Minds
Critical Minds

Good work ethic, working in an organized manner. Willingness to think outside the box, leading to achieving efficiency.

Sander van Koningsbruggen, Information Manager Heesen at Heesen Yachts

Let your projects and organization excel as well.

Contact us for a free analysis and strive for results!

  • Shortened lead times of projects and processes
  • Continuous improvement and waste reduction
  • Behavior and leadership aligned with your goals

Meet our Critical Minds

Motivating others through enthusiasm, and jointly arriving at innovative solutions.

Mariëlle Kooij, Project Management Consultant

Mariëlle - Critical Minds Mariëlle - Critical Minds
Boudewijn - Critical Minds Boudewijn - Critical Minds Boudewijn
Marijn - Critical Minds Marijn - Critical Minds Marijn
Lynn - Critical Minds Lynn - Critical Minds Lynn
Elise - Critical Minds Elise - Critical Minds Elise
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