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Who we are

The Critical Mind

People are working towards a common goal. Together, the best results will emerge. The ideal world. However, projects sometimes go wrong and this has a direct impact on the turnaround time. At such times, Critical Minds can help you put things right again. How? That is different every time, because all projects and organisations are unique.

Project control

Every company benefits from having someone with a fresh outlook at some point. Who helps you and your team do better. With a fresh perspective and the motivation to get the project or process back on track quickly. With a smart focus on shortening the lead time so projects cost less time and money. This way, everyone enjoys working together again. Critical Minds always finds a solution. Guaranteed.

Projects, processes and collaboration

Our Critical Minds find their way quickly because they are naturally curious, honest and critical. They are full of energy and ready to get to work. From the boardroom to the shop floor. They do not write thick reports; they share knowledge and their practical experiences. The Critical Minds can help with projects, processes and cooperation. In other words: they take on the adventure together with you.

Working together for the best results

What we do

Critical Minds helps reduce lead times for projects and organisations. As a result, projects cost less time and money and job satisfaction is enhanced. View our toolbox here: