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Who we are

Results driven

Critical Minds is dedicated to improving projects and organizations. We operate with a team of driven people that strive to attain one goal: 'to reduce time and materials, while increasing job satisfaction.' We look for bottlenecks in the process and solve the issues together with the organization. We focus first and foremost on the employees in the projects or organizations, because we believe the key to improvement is dependent on the human factor. Furthermore we ensure complete transparency throughout the process and believe that sharing insights about the possible challenges and opportunities throughout the process is paramount. Together we develop an end result that all parties involved (client and critical minds alike) can be proud of.

Our expertise lies in process optimization, implementing changes and preventing waste:

  • By creating insights our customers’ projects, we shorten lead times by an average of fifteen (15) percent.
  • By making our customers' resources more sustainable, we saved 29.000 kg of waste in six months, resulting in more than one million euros in cost reduction.
  • We excel in creating support, building shared responsibility and providing more job satisfaction.

Bringing us onboard is a guarantee that waste in terms of time, material and energy of your employees is a thing of the past.

Critical Minds: working together to get the best result

What we do

Critical Minds supports projects and organizations to run more efficiently and more economically. Do you want to reduce time and material whilst creating more job satisfaction? Find our solutions here: