Process optimization with LEAN

People and organizations are constantly changing. Even when operational procedures are not running smoothly, organizations still want to reduce costs, shorten lead times and increase productivity. This requires continuous improvement and changes in ongoing operational procedures in order to maintain an optimal customer experience for the clients.

We believe that process improvement within an organization is not just about implementing methodologies. In process improvement, the people involved in the project are the focus, because they are the ones that have to process and implement the change. With every change in the process Critical Minds involves all parties to ensure that there is enough support for the improvement and thereby preventing unnecessary waste.

Together with the stakeholders we map out the process and together with the organization we choose the best approach and execution to improve the process. We have knowledge of various proven methods that contribute to optimization of the workflow within organizations, such as Lean, Six Sigma, Scrum and Theory of Constraints. We have also developed our own methods using techniques from different theories to create a tailor-made approach for our customers. This approach puts our customers first and engages them in the entire process.

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