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Give projects an optimized process and prevent waste!

Critical Minds makes the difference in process optimization

Prevent waste with good process optimization

An optimally running process, something we would all like, right? However, in practice this is often easier said than done. We see and hear waste around us; people who don’t understand what to do, acts that happen twice, but also make products more beautiful than they actually need to be. And then we haven’t even mentioned the chaos when information or material is missing to do your job properly. You understand the theory, but now the practice…

Do you also see waste around you? And do you believe that it can not only be better, but that it really has to be done!? Then Lean working can have many advantages for your organization.

Critical Minds
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Critical Minds

Critical Minds takes care of it

Always a suitable optimization for every project

Critical Minds is the party that can help you by:

  • Provide insight into the current waste in your processes;
  • Defining together with the people where the most opportunities can be achieved to prevent waste;
  • Actually improve the process;
  • Implement continuous improvement cycle.

Getting started with Lean working?

Do you really want to put Lean principles into practice with your organization, so that the waste in your processes is immediately reduced? We are happy to tell you how you can implement Lean working methods and see results. Discover the possibilities for your organization!


Take steps

How we achieve a successful Lean implementation

With our years of experience in project management and lead time reduction, we can quickly take steps for your organization. To achieve an optimization that provides insights and prevents waste, we use the following steps.

The pre-talk

Because where do you really want to go? Lean is a philosophy that you can implement as a company to get somewhere. Only then it is useful that you know where you want to go. What do you find important in the implementation? Can a lot be learned or do you want quick results? And what about different scenarios? What will we do if there is less waste and what can your people run for? And when are you actually satisfied with the Lean method?

Critical Minds

Energie bij de start!

We start with the Lean method by working together with the people. One of the Lean principles; after all, the person who carries out the process knows it best and is responsible for the quality and execution of his or her step. Apart from teaching our customers the principles of Lean, we mainly discover during the start. We do this, among other things, by using VSM techniques, Lean games or retrospectives.

Critical Minds

Then it is a matter of continuing

At the start of Lean working there is often a lot of passion, but also unrest. “Now we really have to do things differently together.” We facilitate people by teaching them the skills and methodologies that can be useful to work well in Lean. And we support in practice through, for example, day starts, Kaizen and improvement boards to actually achieve results. We celebrate, we learn, we listen and we laugh!

Critical Minds

And now structure

The energy is there, people are improving and the first results of Lean working are visible. Then it is time to take the next step in your improvement organization. Which lean working methods suit you so well that you really want to integrate them into your organization? How do we ensure that we continue to improve at all levels in the organization? And what is the next step and your next ambition? We shape this together with you. We support until this structure feels like yours and it almost comes naturally.

Critical Minds
Critical Minds
Critical Minds

And then a few more tips!

Get started with the implementation of Lean working

  • Everyone in the right place from start to finish;
  • Improve from frameworks and goals;
  • Work with a learning yardstick in addition to just a result yardstick;
  • Be aware of the history in the organization regarding improvement.

Could you use some Lean advice? And do you think steps can be taken in your organization to work with Lean? Please feel free to contact Critical Minds for a discussion about the possibilities!

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