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Is the work within your project getting stuck between departments and are agreements in the planning not being met? Or do you long to gain more insight into the functioning of your project organization, so that you are no longer faced with unpleasant surprises? Critical Minds supports project organizations with the design and implementation of project management.

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Critical Minds supports project organizations in improving their project management using various methodologies. Our goal is to get the most out of projects and organizations and to create solid, realistic planning that stakeholders can rely on. This approach enables stakeholders to make effective choices that contribute to project results. Contact us for a no-obligation discussion about your situation and find out how we can help you optimize your project management and organizational performance.

  • We ensure that the various layers within the organization can steer with the right information
  • We ensure that the right choices can be made to drastically shorten the lead time of your projects and thus realize cost savings
  • We ensure that cooperation with internal and external stakeholders is improved

We are masters at it

Project management is a profession

Critical Minds sees project management as a profession. Traditionally, a project schedule provides insight into priorities within a project or the required capacity of a department. We are convinced that planning has much more to offer. For example, a realistic planning first of all enables you to get a better grip on your projects and the associated aspects, such as time, money, quality and scope. By monitoring these aspects of your project, you can always get a good picture of the current state of the project and thus also sketch an overall picture of the functioning of the organization as a whole.

In addition, with the right way of project management you can recognize trends and developments in good time and oversee the impact of this at an early stage. This enables you to limit risks and take advantage of opportunities. By applying this correctly, this leads to lead time reduction and cost savings.

With our years of experience in project management and lead time reduction, we can quickly take steps for your organization. How can we help you?

Take steps

Our principles of project management

With our years of experience in project management and lead time reduction, we can quickly take steps for your organization. To arrive at a planning that provides these insights, we use the following principles.

Focus on projects

Critical Minds sees planning as an integral steering tool. We provide a workable product with a balance between details and the necessary information to manage all projects in the chain, fully tailored to the wishes and possibilities within your organization.

Critical Minds

Controlling for deviations

Projects are always in motion and require realistic and flexible planning. We immediately implement deviations in the planning, make possible consequences for the end date and budget immediately visible so that the project team can make adjustments.

Critical Minds

Creating support

We bring together all stakeholders of a project to draw up a schedule. This leads to great involvement of all parties for the goal to be achieved and provides clarity about the responsibilities. This not only ensures more efficient cooperation, but also prevents miscommunication, because everyone works with one and the same truth.

Critical Minds

To a higher level

Our roles

Curious how we can take project management within your organization to a higher level? Then feel free to contact us!


As a consultant, we first look at how project management is currently set up. Based on the desired insights, we then make a plan together, offering concrete tools to realize this plan. In this way we provide the necessary templates, which can be used immediately in practice. Consider, for example, templates for schedules or control reports. In addition, we also train the staff to ensure that not only the tooling works, but that the people who have to carry out the work can of course also handle it properly.


As an interim manager, we provide operational support within the project teams in the field of project management. We do this not so much as a planner, but really as Critical Mind. This means that you can count on the support of a professional with the right expertise to help the project and the team move forward. An important part of this is the continuous focus on improvement. For example, we always look at where things can be done even better and, where possible, try to tackle this directly in practice, so that improvement is immediately visible.

Do you have a question? Contact us! Our team is ready for your project.

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