Project management

Get control and gain more insight in your projects with integral planning

Critical Minds supports organizations in improving their project management. We create support for new ideas to improve efficiency, implement procedures with clear responsibility and offer effective project management. Our approach gives organizations quick and accurate tools to manage their project, while we monitor progress and make adjustments where necessary. With high standards of quality, best-practices and keeping the project as the main focus, Critical Minds ensures that projects are predictable and lead times and costs are reduced. The ultimate goal is to streamline operations by defining interfacing between stakeholders and reducing risks.

The philosophy of Critical Minds on project management:

  • Project in the lead - Critical Minds focuses on interfacing between the stakeholders as a means to control projects. We ensure an overview of project interfacing with the right balance between details and the information needed to control all projects in the organization.
  • Managing deviations - Projects are constantly changing and require up-to-date and realistic lead-times. We visualize real-time deviations to show possible consequences for the project deadlines, end date and budget.
  • Creating support - We bring all stakeholders of a project together when outlining the plan of approach. This leads to stronger commitment of all parties, creates transparency regarding responsibilities and improves cooperation for a better end result.

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