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At Critical Minds, we primarily utilize our expertise in the Construction & Infrastructure, Offshore Maritime & Energy, Yacht Building, and Manufacturing industries.

In the aforementioned sectors, many people collaborate on shared goals through projects. Unfortunately, projects sometimes veer off course, directly impacting lead time and costs. That’s when Critical Minds can help you get your projects back on track. How? It varies each time because every project and organization is unique. Our Critical Minds have an imaginary toolbox filled with solutions to improve your processes, and we are eager to explore the methodology that best suits your company’s situation.

The Critical Minds Toolbox consists of a wide spectrum of expertise.

Always tailor-made and suitable for different industries!

Why choose Critical Minds?

Everyone needs external support at some point. Someone who assists you and your team with a fresh perspective and the motivation to get the project or process back on track quickly. By smartly focusing on reducing lead time, projects consume less time and money. And everyone can work together with enjoyment again. Critical Minds always find a solution. Guaranteed.

Projects, processes and collaboration

Critical Minds quickly find their way because we are naturally curious, honest, and critical. We are full of energy and immediately roll up our sleeves, from the boardroom to the shop floor. We don’t write lengthy reports; instead, we share knowledge and practical experiences. Critical Minds assist with projects, processes, and collaboration. In other words, we embark on the adventure together with you!

Critical Minds
Critical Minds
Critical Minds
Critical Minds
Critical Minds
Critical Minds

Our vision and mission

We believe that people make a difference by being themselves. Every day, Critical Minds are hard at work improving projects and organizations. We are a team of passionate and slightly stubborn individuals with one mission: to make a positive impact through successful projects and people in flow!

Critical Minds is a team of both aspiring and experienced professionals with a critical eye and lots of energy. We love sharing knowledge; it’s in our DNA. Critical Minds don’t simply come to tell you what to do or write lengthy reports. We work with freedom, trust, and responsibility. After all, we believe that people make a difference by being themselves, with a smile on their face. In this way, we help you achieve the best results and contribute to making the world a little better.

Let your projects & organization excel

Get in touch and strive for succes!

  • Shortened lead times of projects and processes
  • Continuous improvement and reduction of waste
  • Behavior and leadership aligned with your goals

Companies where we have already optimized projects!