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Give projects a positive impact and work in a good flow!

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Improve performance by working with a good workflow

You have high expectations of the team you put together yourself. And yet not everyone seems to be coming out of the picture. You are disappointed again and again because you know that people can do it, yet they don’t. Negativity prevails more often than you want and not everyone really speaks up in meetings. Results are not achieved, first team members have already started working elsewhere and above all: you know that your team can do more than this and you want to fulfill this ambition so badly!

If this is the case in your organization, Critical Minds can help with organizational development.

✔ Guiding employees
✔ Break bad patterns
✔ Getting better results

Getting better results

Critical Minds
Critical Minds
Critical Minds

Critical Minds takes care of it

Always a suitable approach for every organization

What are the benefits of Organizational development that get your people in flow?

  • Thorough analysis with an anthropological impact of the behavior in your organization. Where are the persistent patterns and how do you break them.
  • Designing improvement programs that match where you want to go and where you are now stuck. We keep what works and break the unhelpful patterns.
  • Guidance of the management team during the implementation. Resistance in the organization is converted into potential.
    We stand by your side during the change, if it was easy you would have done it already. As program manager, facilitator or coach, we take responsibility for the result.
  • Creating flow always happens in line with the organizational objectives and therefore organizational development never stands alone.

The Critical Minds approach to organizational development

Every organization has its own strategy, challenges, specialties and culture. Critical Minds analyzes these aspects and converts this analysis into a realistic plan to actually achieve your strategy!

Do you also want to work with your people in a good flow? Get in touch with us via the contact form and discover the possibilities for your organization!


take steps

How we achieve successful organizational development

With our years of experience in organizational development, project management and lead time reduction, we can quickly take steps for your organization. To achieve this development, we use the following steps.

It starts with a conversation

We start with a good conversation. A good conversation about where you want to go with your organization. What do you really think is important right now? What does it take to achieve a good result and how would you like to achieve that? What does the situation look like when you have completed the desired business growth steps? How good are the numbers and what behavior do people show. Together we make a sketch of the desired situation in the organizational development process.

Critical Minds

The analysis – where is the growth for your organization?

We do not believe in superficial solutions, but in thorough analyzes with an anthropological slant. We do this by interviewing, observing and mainly zooming in on the ‘why’ organizations and people do what they do. We find out which patterns are not helpful; Because, did you know that if you give too much freedom, people often stop moving? Or that if you as a leader ask a lot of questions about the present, it is difficult for your employees to look ahead?

Based on the desired situation, where you want to grow as an organization, we map out what is crucial to retain (because, hey, as an organization you have achieved this growth by doing a lot of good, so please don’t throw that just gone) and what is needed to break through for the desired business growth.

Critical Minds

The insight is there – and now?

After the insight, it’s almost time to really start doing. What we as organizational development professionals find important is ‘acting effectively’. Developing an organization takes time and valuable resources. We want to make optimal use of this, so before we start we design an improvement program that really fits. We do this in co-creation; we come up with methodologies, intervention techniques and practically applicable theories, and together agree what exactly it will be, how fast we go and where the organization can do it itself.

Our programs always tap into the potential of people across the company. We believe that the improvement should lie with the person who influences or is the user of the process.

“The method of discussing the strategy session gave room for everyone’s input and urgency for the joint responsibility for the strategy” – Allseas after the first strategy session with the team.

Critical Minds

There we go!

From Critical Minds we have put together the team that fits your change program. We fulfill roles as coach, trainer, program manager or facilitator. Nothing more and nothing less than you need for your ideal organizational development. We get to work according to our joint program and are here to guide you through the change.

We will encounter resistance, tough situations will arise and we will celebrate when we have achieved the desired results. We are guaranteed to provide new energy in your organization; growth energy.

Critical Minds

Finish, secure and the next step

You can complete an improvement program, you can go through a certain development in your organization. Only organizations today never stand still. In the last step, we therefore not only look at the results that have been achieved, but also at what you need to safeguard them in such a way that you as an organization can also take the next step. So that your organization continues to develop! On to the learning organization!

Critical Minds
Critical Minds
Critical Minds
Critical Minds

And now it’s time for you

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