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Critical Minds makes the difference in Project Management

Successfully complete projects with a good approach

Delivering a project with an eye for the wishes of the customer, within budget and also on time; quite a challenge! This not only requires the right knowledge within the project team, but also good cooperation with both people inside and outside the organization. Our Critical Minds have the required expertise and focus on effective collaboration to meet the challenges in today’s project landscape.

Critical Minds
Critical Minds
Critical Minds

Critical Minds takes care of it

Always a suitable approach for every project

Project management at Critical Minds

We select our Critical Minds based on their analytical skills, critical eye, ability to connect and proactivity. In addition, all our Critical Minds go through a training program in which they develop professionally, professionally and personally.

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Here’s what you can expect:

  • Enthusiastic and skilled Critical Minds who can fulfill the role of (Assistant/Junior) Project Manager on an interim basis to strengthen your team.
  • Advice on setting up your (project) organization so that the structure contributes to your (project) results.
  • Setting up project and/or portfolio reports to have a steering wheel with which you can keep a grip on your projects.
  • Facilitate effective collaboration with the internal & external (project) organization to achieve your shared goals in a better way.

We are masters at it

Project management is a profession

We basically believe that project management is a profession in which knowledge of the content is a by-product. This means that every company can knock. If you think it is important that the project manager has knowledge of the content, then we are mainly at home in the maritime sector and the manufacturing industry.

The size of the organization and the professional maturity of our own project managers is often of decisive importance for us when setting up and implementing a project management methodology. In general, a considerable improvement can take place within a year, whereby the (communication) lines are clear, the roles are described and decisions are made on the basis of uniform reports. In addition, additional training may be appropriate.


Due to Critical Minds’ experience in project management, handover can often take place within two weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Curious what our Critical Minds can do for your organisation’s projects?

Take steps

Our principles of project management

With our years of experience in project management and lead time reduction, we can quickly take steps for your organization. To arrive at a planning that provides these insights, we use the following principles.

The structure within one project (team)

Ideally, the project team is set up in such a way that the structure contributes to the project objectives from the point of view of project management. Depending on the emphasis on one of the management aspects within a project (time, money, quality, organization and information), the structure will have to facilitate this. In addition, it is important to correctly describe the roles within the project team, so that all team members can use their talents without too much coordination. Critical Minds facilitates this process by jointly drawing up an organization chart based on the project needs and providing the described roles with role descriptions. See also our solutions for Organization development.

Critical Minds


To make a project a success, insight into the status of the project throughout the entire term is of great importance. We still see too often that insufficient use is made of the possibilities within reports. Both the substantive interpretation lags behind, but perhaps even more importantly, the underlying system of information sharing to obtain really valuable information in a structured way. Critical Minds helps organizations not only to set up project reporting, but also to get the system behind it up and running. In this way, valuable information can be periodically reviewed and the project can be controlled. Reports are also an integral part of our way of project management.

Critical Minds

To a higher level

Our roles

Curious how we can take project management within your organization to a higher level? Then feel free to contact us!

Interim Project Management

All Critical Minds are trained in a three-year program to become confident project professionals with experience in project control and management. By fulfilling different roles at multiple project organizations, Critical Minds also quickly become adept at recognizing the necessary interventions to make a project succeed. Depending on the level of experience of the Critical Minds, roles are filled from Assistant Project Manager to final responsible Project Manager. The Critical Minds can, with a smile, make the difference in your project (organization).

“The Project Manager of Critical Minds quickly immersed himself in the matter and managed to build a relationship with both the suppliers and the internal stakeholders in order to carry out the project properly. In the collaboration it was always possible to switch quickly, but there was also time to spar with each other about what we ran into together.” – Sr. Project manager

Advice structure project organization

Within project organizations there are many different options for setting up the structure. This applies both to the design of the projects in relation to the line organization and to the structure within one project. So both need attention to run successful projects.

If there is a matrix organization (in which projects are carried out by a line organisation), there must be a healthy tension between project and line. Too often we see that politics and silos thinking (with too much focus on one’s own discipline or department) stand in the way of successful projects. By facilitating from Critical Minds that the structure is created correctly and the associated operational issues (what happens on a daily basis) are resolved, the project management chance for success is considerably increased.

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