Organization development

Increase job satisfaction through organizational development

Organizations are formed by people with a variety of experiences, motivations and convictions. Unfortunately, we often see these great personal qualities being wasted and we aim to prevent this to the best of our ability. People perform better and have an increased satisfaction in carrying out their jobs when they do work that matches their drive and focus areas . This is called their personal ‘Why’. Our knowledge and practical experience has shown that linking team members’ personal motivations to a team goal, results in a better joint team effort. Giving team members the freedom to work according to methods that suit them individually results in the entire team working more energetically and effectively. People also perform better when there is clarity about shared cooperation agreements, roles and spaces in the team. We support teams and organizations in achieving this. We do not believe in superficial solutions, but in a thorough anthropological analysis, customization and implementation. We do this by observing teams and zooming in on ‘Why’ organizations and people do what they do. From these observations, we make an analysis and discuss possible adjustments with the client and since no organization is the same, this is always a tailor-made solution. We are enthusiastic professionals who make the difference, meanwhile not losing sight of the collective wisdom of the organization and talent of the people. Critical Minds introduces organizations to the theory of different practices, alternative insights and new experiences. We also coach and support these theories in practice to ensure the positive changes within our clients’ organizations.

We offer customization in the areas of:

  • Anthropological observation, analysis and intervention strategy.
  • Insight in the personal and team ‘Why’ and its positive effect.
  • More responsibility in teams / self-management.
  • Improve collaboration in teams and organizations.
  • Coaching and support of people and organizations.

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