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What makes Critical Minds unique for you?

Critical Minds is unique to me because it is a working environment where technology and ‘teaching others’ come together. It is an environment where you become who you are and thus make the difference, express yourself. The self-evidence that learning is part of daily activities and the space to go off the beaten track connect the Critical Minds. Dealing with each other openly and transparently and looking for the right project management with an eye for the individual and result, make Critical Minds unique for me.

What is your dream?

I like to dream big, but with both feet firmly on the ground. I dream of being able to further improve myself by focusing on the development of others. Smartening up together and working on sustainability with an eye for each other and the planet. Let us see the world as our school of learning with an inexhaustible joy and curiosity.


  • Harmonious
  • Connecting
  • Analytical
  • Proactive
  • Sincere
  • Positive
  • Coaching

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