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Our vision

We are Critical Minds. As a company we are dedicated to improving projects and organizations. We operate with a team of driven people, that strive to attain one goal: to reduce time, reduce material consumption and optimize job satisfaction. These three factors ensure better project results and allow us to efficiently reach organizational objectives that in turn lead to cost reductions for our clients.

Our team consists of junior and experienced professionals alike, who have both a critical mind as well as an energetic attitude. As a company, we form a dynamic entity in which knowledge sharing is paramount. At Critical Minds we value ‘honesty’ and everyone’s ‘adventurous nature’. We exercise this by giving our critical minds freedom, responsibility and trust. Our way of working creates driven professionals who quickly find their way within projects and organizations.

Combining business, fun and purpose

We believe that having one common goal to strive for within an organization, motivates people to work together and achieve the best results. Combining personal and organizational goals maximizes job satisfaction and encourages internal motivation.When these goals are achieved, it gives everyone a boost of energy to tackling future projects. With our way of project management, we turn the world into a place where waste is a thing of the past. By believing that people make the difference, we contribute to a better world.

Why Critical Minds

People make the difference in every project and organization. Four reasons why you should choose Critical Minds:

  1. We believe that the focus on the human factor is the only long-term solution. Tools and technology are resources, but human intelligence and creative problem solving are essential to successfully completing projects and running organizations smoothly. We aim to connect people throughout different layers of organizations.
  2. All of our critical minds are ambitious and are aware of the fact that the best results are attained through an energetic work attitude and a high job satisfaction. We see that the level of energy and job satisfaction have a direct and positive influence on all key performance indicators (KPI) for our clients. This motivates us to tackle all projects with a high level of energy and to turn every project into a positive challenge.
  3. Critical Minds is a knowledge based company built around self-managing teams. This means that we do not have managers, everyone is responsible for their business operations and works independently. All critical minds think as entrepreneurs and take this attitude and knowledge with them when working on clients’ projects. This means that the client will benefit from the expertise of an in-house, self-managing team of professionals.
  4. At Critical Minds, we give practical solutions that are beneficial to everyone in the organization. We provide honest opinions with credibility as support in combination with a caring approach.

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Our Clients

Clients to be proud of

We engage our expertise to various clients in the following fields: industrial shipbuilding, yacht building, oil & gas, wind energy, infrastructure and construction, healthcare and the manufacturing industry. Below you will find a selection of clients we have worked with.

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